Innosoft supports a transformational, groundbreaking technology program that is modernizing all major Health and Human Services Systems in the State of Maryland. Maryland’s Department of Human Services (DHS) programs have been previously supported in dedicated silos, as stand-alone passive mainframe systems that are rigid and difficult to upgrade. These systems were further burdened with dependency on external data systems and ad hoc workarounds with little (or no) interface to other systems. Innosoft has embarked upon an initiative, supported by 60+ staff, to modernize systems and platforms in with the Maryland Total Human-services Integrated Network (MD THINK). This system of modular, interconnected components–a common data repository, shared service elements and resources, and onboarded mission-specific applications promotes an integrated, client-centric approach to delivering and managing Citizen Services.

Detailed Areas of Support

Architecture: Innosoft is responsible for designing, building and administering a secure cloud platform at AWS based on industry standards, best practices, and guidelines.

Cloud: Innosoft leverages it’s membership in the AWS Partner Network to maintain and increase our capabilities. We research and experiment with Innosoft Labs in order to develop customer solutions.

Business Analysis and Design: The Innosoft Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach focuses on designing a delightful user experience through expert moderating, participant recruiting, usability and focus group facilitation, user personas and journey mapping, and validated learning.

DevOps and CI/CD: We use Jenkins in conjunction with other DevOps tools like Ansible Tower to orchestrate infrastructure automation, application builds, automated testing, and packaging.

Security: Innosoft adheres to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 1075/Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Moderate standards.

Data: We provide leadership for Data Infrastructure, Data Management, Data Governance, Reporting, and Analytics. Innosoft implemented Hadoop Cloudera as an enterprise data hub to store, transform, cleanse, analyze and archive enterprise data in a unified platform.

Agile: Innosoft has adopted a new scaled agile framework (SAFe) based model as the standard system development lifecycle for the MD-THINK project. Across the Portfolio, Program, and Project level, we leverage Agile to increase transparency and adaptability within project teams.

Independent Testing: Our testing tools are integrated into the DevOps CI/CD Stack. Over 3 years, we have increased automated testing from 0% to 88%, and the average time to test has decreased from 5 days to 4 hours.