Enterprises are demanding increased levels of flexibility and speed as they seek to expand the benefits of technology on their bottom line. To meet this demand, Innosoft shatters traditional service delivery models by providing solutions focused on unlocking value and agility. We connect the qualified people and maximize resources in new ways. Our seasoned consulting professionals leading the project teams supported by disciplined processes and Innovative tools manages both delivery and quality.

We offer a broad range of services across the full spectrum of enterprise IT. Select the practice areas to learn more about our work.

Today’s government agencies rely on responsive, reliable and secure access to their networks, infrastructure and applications in order to meet critical mission needs. Innosoft provides operation-proven IT Development/modernization and sustainment services that focus on innovation, performance and affordability.

We help our customers get the most from their investment in technology by modernizing IT infrastructure to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership. We implement the latest technologies, such as Cloud, DevOps and mobility solutions, to deliver information anytime, anywhere. By extending the lifetime of systems without compromising safety, quality or capability. In short, we work with our customers to leverage their IT resources so that they can better handle ever-evolving mission requirements.

Data Governance

Scaling the heights to drive value from your data can be intimidating, but with Innosoft, you’ve got Master Data Management & Governance experts to lead the way. Whether you already have an MDM platform or you’re exploring your options, Innosoft offers solutions in Strategy, Analysis, Design, and Implementation to help you accomplish all your data and commerce goals using the tools that best suit your particular situation. We’ll help you outline a comprehensive data governance strategy to streamline the entire data journey from its capture to processing to analysis to business value while also ensuring the highest possible level of data security and privacy.

Benefits that we provide with our Data governance services are:

  • Consistent, uniform data and processes across the organization are a prerequisite for better and more comprehensive decision support
  • Increasing the scalability of the IT landscape at a technical, business, and organizational level through clear rules for changing processes and data
  • Central control mechanisms that offer potential to optimize the cost of data management
  • Increased efficiency using synergies
  • Higher confidence in data through quality-assured and certified data as well as complete documentation of data processes
  • Achieving compliance guidelines, such as Basel III and Solvency II
  • Security for internal and external data by monitoring and reviewing privacy policies
  • Increased process efficiency by reducing long coordination processes
  • Clear and transparent communication through standardization, which is a prerequisite for enterprise-wide data-centric initiatives

Data Architecture

Our data architecture services provide guidance in all aspects of data warehousing & business intelligence. With the expertise acquired over a period of time in designing & developing DW & BI solutions. Innosoft has the expertise to help clients build and implement processes, resources and technology to manage data effectively across its data development life-cycle. We believe Data Architecture is more than just having a complete inventory of data models for all applications. Data Architecture encompasses standards, proven methodology, processes and practices that provide the enterprise with a well-defined approach to capturing business requirements and translating them into an integrated data environment. A well-defined Data Architecture provides the ability to meet data volume, latency, quality, volatility, variety, auditability, traceability, security and integration requirements. It serves as a blueprint and guide for current and future data projects. Consistent, reliable, scalable, and reusable. These are all hallmarks of a data architecture approach that supports a growing enterprise. Having a solid data architecture plan in place will allow you to leverage and realize the full value of your data.

We deliver a blueprint for the reduction of business processes and the integration of new applications as your enterprise grows. After we’ve successfully delivered on your project, you’ll have a comprehensive Data Architecture Roadmap that will provide you with the ability to:

  • Guide – Guide data management into the enterprise.
  • Define – Define how the data is maintained and who can authorize changes to business rules.
  • Decide – Intelligently make decisions of when, where and how to provide a business intelligence analysis and reporting environment via an Operational Data Store, Data Warehouse, Data Marts or as unstructured data.
  • Deliver – Deliver information quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve – Improve reporting capabilities through integrated data and help your business assimilate both structured and unstructured data with ease.

Enterprise Data Management

An effective enterprise data management strategy prevents organizational issues and conflicts resulting from the mismanagement of data. A single system, which links all your organization’s critical data, leads to a more streamlined and efficient workplace. By securely managing your data lineage, your data is less vulnerable to breaches, incorrect analysis, and legal complications. These legal complications arise from having insecure personally identifiable information on-premises or in the cloud. By making data management a priority, we ensure that your data is in a secure place and available when your business users need it.

Benefits that we provide with our Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Services are:

  • Accessing high-quality data for accurate analysis
  • Ensuring your data is secure and compliant under regulations
  • Consolidating data across multiple sources for increased efficiency
  • Having a consistent data architecture that scales with your enterprise

Master data management (MDM)

Innosoft helps you streamline your enterprise and customer data with a centralized data management hub. You can model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich all your data points across multiple systems and applications to accelerate better internal performance and improve customer experience. Our Master Data Management Services & Solutions makes it effortless for you to manage the immeasurable amount of data and ensure consistency and accuracy.

Some of the key in-depth data insight we provide for better experience with our Master Data Management (EDM) Services include:

  • Manage data management expenses – Optimize the time and cost of managing resources to meet the growing volume of data by consolidating all the relevant sources into a single, integrated master data platform.
  • Ensure high-quality data, always – Improve the quality of customer master data on an ongoing basis so that you get intuitive and data-rich insights to deliver memorable experiences in real-time.
  • Avoid missteps with inaccurate data – Overcome data redundancies and inconsistencies by automating how you can eliminate data duplication and avoid delay or confusion during the retrieval process.
  • Improve business decision-making – Make smarter business decisions to enhance the customer journey and increase brand loyalty, from handling change requests to delivering marketing campaigns.

Cloud Migration

As a part of our cloud infrastructure migration, we ensure smooth transition of business applications and data to leading cloud platforms Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, VMWare, IBM and other enterprise cloud solutions.

  • Planned Strategy: Understand your organization’s adaptability to cloud services and the availability of applications that fit in the cloud
  • Infra Audit: Assess the capabilities of your existing infrastructure in line with the industry’s best practices in terms of security, scalability, automation, disaster recovery, automation, recovering ability, etc
  • Architect Design: Gather existing resources and manage requirements to create a supporting cloud architecture
  • Automation: Automation with industry’s proven cloud technology solutions form an integral part of cloud migration
  • Deployment and Testing: Deploy the new cloud environment, stage it and test it for its functionality, operational efficiency and scalability

Innosoft is your end-to-end partner in digital transformation. We follow the same proven formula on every engagement: the right people, the right processes and the right tools. Through partnerships in both the government and commercial markets, we’ve become experts at tailoring Best partices and methodologies to meet the unique objectives of our Clients. For additional questions, Please contact us.

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