Enterprises are demanding increased levels of flexibility and speed as they seek to expand the benefits of technology on their bottom line. To meet this demand, Innosoft shatters traditional service delivery models by providing solutions focused on unlocking value and agility. We connect the qualified people and maximize resources in new ways. Our seasoned consulting professionals leading the project teams supported by disciplined processes and Innovative tools manages both delivery and quality.

We offer a broad range of services across the full spectrum of enterprise IT. Select the practice areas to learn more about our work.

Today’s government agencies rely on responsive, reliable and secure access to their networks, infrastructure and applications in order to meet critical mission needs. Innosoft provides operation-proven IT Development/modernization and sustainment services that focus on innovation, performance and affordability.

We help our customers get the most from their investment in technology by modernizing IT infrastructure to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership. We implement the latest technologies, such as Cloud, DevOps and mobility solutions, to deliver information anytime, anywhere. By extending the lifetime of systems without compromising safety, quality or capability. In short, we work with our customers to leverage their IT resources so that they can better handle ever-evolving mission requirements.

Identity Management

Innosoft provides Information assurance to our clients through our identity management activities. Our staff utilizes industry leading solutions to deliver cost efficient identity management solutions for inside the network and in the cloud. We provide reliable, stable and secure IT operating environments by assessing risk, vulnerabilities, testing and continual improvement. Our experienced identity management consultants deliver actionable insights concerning the policies, standards, processes and technology solutions that work together to provide comprehensive security. We improve security and access control while achieving the key business objectives lower administrative costs, an integrated operational environment and increased productivity to our customers.

Our Identity management experts provide Customers with the following benefits.

  • Simplified design with validation of rolesli
  • Secure customer organization by simplifying the administration of user identity and access controls
  • Improve efficiency by reducing redundancy for vetting and onboarding individuals
  • Solutions that are policy based management mapped into agency goverannce
  • Improve efficency in administering multiple passwords and logins to access different applications
  • Improve interoperability, information sharing, and open up new opportunities by increasing access to data and systems from outside the customer organization
  • Provide compliance with various information security controls and auditing of user activity

Our identity management approach incorporates a strong governance model with participation from key stakeholders across the enterprise in all business units.

We leverage advanced technologies to provide customized solutions that improve current processes and are scalable to support future growth and workflow changes and evolving business requirements. Our approach ensures that technology works to support specific objectives and that there is total buy-in across the organization to maintain consistency and a smooth integration.

Cyber Security

Protection of our customer’s IT and cyber assets are critical to maintaining mission focus. At Innosoft cyber security offerings are integral to assisting our customers, in stopping the rapidly evolving criminal activity and expanding cyber-terrorist activities. We provide support to reliable, stable and secure IT operating environments by assessing risk, vulnerabilities, testing and continual improvement. The features of our cyber security support areas are

  • Risk assessment review for wide area of systems
  • Setting up Security policies and procedures
  • Setup policies and procedures to identify gaps and risks
  • Perform Vulnerability Scanning that focuses on the network, desktops and operating environment
  • Penetration Testing of known risk and vulnerabilities and validation of any counter measures taken
  • Setting Cyber Security insight by programmatic approach and continual process improvement based on certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards

Data Protection

Innosoft provides comprehensive data protection to our client. Innosoft provides information assurance to share sensitive data internally and between agencies without compromising the data. Innosoft utilizes years of experience, highly qualified staff and industry leading solutions to deliver effective data protection services for inside the network and in the cloud. We provide reliable data by delivering the following solutions.

  • Protection-identify and block attempts to steal data
  • Encryption-deploy proven encryption tools to hard drives, removable media, email and VPN solutions
  • Compliance- ensure current directives are being met or exceeded as well as future mandates

Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Innosoft provides vulnerability management solutions that are easy to discern the real threats to users and assets and determine how to act on them. Our Solutions deliver unmatched reporting, Scalability and Coverage. We provide Results-driven reporting and analytics that provide relevant and actionable data to multiple stakeholders throughout the organization. Our vulnerability management solutions help to deliver data in proper format for security professionals. This helps them quickly identify, manage and mitigate the security risks. Our results-driven reporting and analytics that provide relevant and actionable data to multiple stakeholders throughout the organization. Our zero-gap coverage of all devices enterprise-wide, including network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure helps to maintain enterprise-class scalability, flexibility and performance. Our unified vulnerability management solution helps from assessment, remediation, to endpoint protection and privileged identity management.

Innosoft is your end-to-end partner in digital transformation. We follow the same proven formula on every engagement: the right people, the right processes and the right tools. Through partnerships in both the government and commercial markets, we’ve become experts at tailoring Best partices and methodologies to meet the unique objectives of our Clients. For additional questions, Please contact us.

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