Enterprises are demanding increased levels of flexibility and speed as they seek to expand the benefits of technology on their bottom line. To meet this demand, Innosoft shatters traditional service delivery models by providing solutions focused on unlocking value and agility. We connect the qualified people and maximize resources in new ways. Our seasoned consulting professionals leading the project teams supported by disciplined processes and Innovative tools manages both delivery and quality.

We offer a broad range of services across the full spectrum of enterprise IT. Select the practice areas to learn more about our work.

Today’s government agencies rely on responsive, reliable and secure access to their networks, infrastructure and applications in order to meet critical mission needs. Innosoft provides operation-proven IT Development/modernization and sustainment services that focus on innovation, performance and affordability.

We help our customers get the most from their investment in technology by modernizing IT infrastructure to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership. We implement the latest technologies, such as cloud and mobility solutions, to deliver information anytime, anywhere. By extending the lifetime of systems without compromising safety, quality or capability. In short, we work with our customers to leverage their IT resources so that they can better handle ever-evolving mission requirements.

Application Development

Innosoft provides a full spectrum of software development and lifecycle services architecture, design, development, operations and maintenance of enterprise software applications including Platform and product evaluations, Since every customer is unique, we develop software solutions based on the customer needs, its mission, vision, priorities, technology environment and roadmap and business perspectives. From Scrum/Agile and Extreme Programing to traditional Waterfall approach, we choose the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) based on the customer requirements. While every software project is different, our key differentiator is the user experience and quality.

Innosoft brings a unique experience in software development that includes architecting, designing and developing both enterprise application development and COTS applications. We provide a wide range of software application development services for web, desktop, and mobile on wide range of platforms and technologies. We build applications that are scalable, extensible applications for 24/7 businesses.

Our vast expertise in design and development of host-centric or n-tier client-server architecture across different environments enable us to provide end-to-end solutions. Our mix of skills allows us to quickly and easily ramp-up resources for large and small application projects. Our vast experience in best-of-the-breed tools and techniques in the software development life cycle including case tools enable us to quickly develop the applications.

Our Deep Technical expertise includes:

  • Full lifecycle software development
  • Dashboard development
  • Data aggregation and reporting
  • Application performance optimization
  • Database design and data migration
  • Application and legacy software migration
  • Software systems integration

Our expertise goes beyond the delivery of IT services by adding strategic business value based on the in-depth industry and technical know-how. Our comprehensive set of best-practice processes, tools, methodologies, metrics and dashboards result in high productivity, quality and security. We offer standard solutions and delivery options that can be customized to meet clients’ unique needs, along with a range of flexible contract and pricing arrangements. We generate significant cost savings through increased productivity and quality, as well as accelerated delivery. Our cybersecurity and identity management expertise ensures that your application environments are secure.

Innosoft manages all phases of the application development lifecycles. Our approach includes Client Centric Governance Model that brings agility to quickly adapt to efficient and accountable project management that leads to operational excellence. We bring new ideas and breakthrough solutions through close collaboration with our Clients.

Operations and Maintenance

Since Innosoft’s inception in 2001 we have been performing IT Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for a broad spectrum of IT infrastructure, including a mix of new and old technologies, architectures, platforms and vendors. We understand through our experience what our customers actually do—their operations, their missions, and their businesses—and how IT O&M plays a central role in the success of an enterprise.

Predictive Maintenance is a core activity of any maintenance contract of Innosoft. It offers a lot of value to our clients, and it is a win-win situation for both parties. Our predictive maintenance activities include

  • Database design, performance monitoring
  • High quality SLAs
  • Disaster recovery procedures
  • Schedulers
  • Repository of abends (stoppages of application) and solutions
  • Tools and utilities
  • Process handbooks

The benefits of our predictive maintenance are:

  • Stable and predictable system
  • Reduced or zero down-time of applications
  • 24/7 Running systems
  • Less cost of maintenance
  • Repository of abends (stoppages of application) and soEasy integration with interface applications
  • Better estimation model
  • Improved productivity
  • Resilience to accommodate business changes

We provide reliable, stable and secure IT operating environments that are aligned with your agency’s enterprise infrastructure and measured against defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Some features of our O&M support are:

  • We perform services based on industry best practices, such as CMMI ML3, ISO 9001, ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001, tailored to your agency’s mission, requirements, culture, applicable mandates, technology environment, IT roadmap, and maturity of IT processes
  • We ensure that your IT organization is working as a unified team for a common enterprise goal
  • Enterprise IT systems management that delivers the highest level of performance and reliability
  • A methodical, balanced approach that successfully coordinates O&M activities, development, modernization and enhancement of your IT infrastructure.
  • Repository of abends (stoppages of application) and soEasy integration with interface applications
  • To accommodate dynamic and rapid transformation of Enterprise IT we have developed an innovative approach to supporting evolving systems and a proven capability to rapidly ramp up teams for surge requirements and special projects. We support all major enterprise IT operations functions including:
    • Database Management
    • Storage Management
    • Data Center Support
    • Enterprise IT Service Desk (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)
    • Enterprise IT Management Systems and Tools
    • Asset Management
    • Desktop Management
    • Management of Cloud Services
    • Collaboration Toolsets and Remote Access Technologies
    • Mobile Device Management Systems
    • Network Management
    • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
    • Server Management

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Innosoft experience spans from the old mainframe systems to current mobile operating environments.Our Test services are applied in classic waterfall and modern lean/iterative /agile environments. We perform testing in parallel with the system/software development efforts, each delivery effort is unique. We align our specific approach with Federal and state agency standards and practices to assure we work seamlessly within each client’s unique systems engineering life cycle, whether it be an Agile, waterfall or hybrid approach.

In software development, validation and verification take up 40% of the effort, time and resources. Testing, as a major component of these activities, must ensure quality and cost-effectiveness to provide a good return on investment over the long term.Innosoft has the skills, processes, tools and techniques required for systematic testing and offer these using cost-effective solutions.

For Testing, we apply a variety of proprietary and open source tools. This includes the commercial product suites from Hewlett Packard (HP ALM, QC, HP Performance Center/HP PC,HP UFT, LoadRunner, Sprinter, and more) and IBM (Rational TestManager, ClearCase, ClearQuest, and more), and open source tools such as Selenium and Grinder. While the commercial products are highly evolved and effective, the open source tools allow for customization to extend functionality and they also allow for security vetting of the tool source code. We use these and related tools to perform tests and associated functions that include

  • Functional Software Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compliance Testing (Section 508, etc.)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • System Acceptance Testing
  • Benchmarking and Volume/Stress Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration, End-to-End Testing
  • Structural Testing
  • Root Cause Analyses
  • Mobile, Platform Testing
  • Application, Infrastructure Tuning
  • Setting up Central testing organization to Synergize Knowledge

Tools alone do not generate the efficiency required to keep up with the Testing requirements of modern Agile and hybrid development environments. Innosoft helps its client to establish Testing Centers of Excellence, combining best practices and current technologies to achieve maximum efficiency and test coverage. This includes the development and application of sophisticated Test Automation Frameworks. The frameworks provide the basis for accelerating test automation—if there is a change to any test case, the tester only needs to update the test case data, which is an English-language level of effort. Scripts that drive the testing process and start-up scripts do not need to change.

The result is reduced cycle time and lower costs. After a Innosoft Test Automation Subject matter expert (SME) develops the initial test scripts, junior testers or developers can normally update the test case files, minimizing the need for expensive Testing SMEs over the development life cycle. Innosoft brings the requisite knowledge of the current processes and tools used to support the maintenance of existing, and the development of new test automation frameworks.

IV&V Services

Innosoft offers IV&V service to provide objective, comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of every aspect of a project from inception to completion phase and from technological to business perspective. We evaluate work products of the project as an independent entity separate from the team involved in designing and/or execution of a given project. Innosoft ensures that project meets its agreed requirements and functionality.

Innosoft IV&V services help clients to build quality into the system during the life cycle. OurIV&V processes provide an objective assessment of products and processes throughout the life cycle. This assessment demonstrates whether the requirements are correct, complete, accurate, consistent, and testable. The IV&V processes determine whether the development products of a given activity conform to the requirements of that activity and whether the product satisfies its intended use and user needs. The determination includes the assessment, analysis, evaluation, review, inspection, and testing of products and processes. IV&V is performed in parallel with all life cycle stages, not at their conclusion.

Innosoft adopts a rigorous methodology to identify objective data and conclusions to provide feedback about quality, performance, and schedule to the Customer. This feedback consists of anomaly resolutions, performance improvements, and quality improvements not only for expected operating conditions but also across the full spectrum of the system and its interfaces. Early feedback results allow the development team to modify the products in a timely fashion and thereby reduce overall project and schedule impacts. Without a proactive approach, the anomalies and associated system changes are typically delayed to later in the program schedule, resulting in greater costs and schedule delays.

Innosoft understands the relationship of the Statement of work, Project Management Plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, and Configuration, Management Plan to the success of the development effort.A thorough evaluation of the system requirements mitigates the risk of creating poor software and interface requirements. Throughout the engineering process, Innosoft provides objective evidence with its knowledgeable recommendation to accept or reject the product.

We thoroughly evaluate system requirements and mitigates the risk of creating poor software and interface requirements. Throughout the engineering process, Innosoft provides objective evidence with its knowledgeable recommendation to accept or reject the product. Innosoft will assess your draft or approved processes and procedures. We have the unique ability to provide critical independent verification and validation support to a wide range of processes ranging from configuration management and test to CPIC and EVMS.

Our review and Audit process, from configuration management and risk management processes to the management process Innosoft will identify the weaknesses that may impede the IT project. By integrating our expertise with your current framework Innosoft identifies areas for improvement.

To ensure the veracity of the test process Innosoft may witness the testing performed by others or may support user acceptance test. Testing will determine if system, software, and interface requirements have been satisfied. Innosoft will identify the results along with the document evaluations to determine if the system, when operational, will meet the business needs of the organization.

With our strong expertise in enterprise IT solutions, we go beyond a simple checklist by following a methodical approach to IV&V. Benefits of our services include:

  • Independent and credible status of project based on relevant business and technical knowledge
  • Innosoft provides timely identification of problems and issues to find ways to mitigate them
  • Completely unbiased, unattached, objective, professional findings without any agenda, restriction or fear
  • We follow industry standards, such as IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation and applicable federal regulations
  • Clear definition of role and scope of IV&V project
  • In-depth review of business case, requirements, statement of work, quality standards, applicable mandates and laws, project plans, status meeting documents and deliverables.
  • Interview with the project sponsors, stakeholders and other key members
  • Detailed and structured document our findings – what is working well, what is in compliance, what are opportunities for improvements, what are the recommendation
  • Periodic reviews and management briefings on the status of IV&V project

Application Portfolio Management

Innosoft Application portfolio management enables clients to go beyond simple assessment and optimize the entire application portfolio, in line with business objectives, through a comprehensive methodology and supporting tools that drive smarter investment strategies. Through our Application portfolio management governance framework and services we make it easier for organizations to continuously improve and evolve their application portfolios to address changing business needs and drive long-term value. We provide In-depth understanding of each application, including functions, interdependencies, business value, required support skills. We analyze the Big picture view of the application portfolio to determine whether it is meeting current objectives and analyze to support decisions about its future evolution.

We make it easier for the clients on clear assessment of costs and risks of the current application portfolio. We align business and technology objectives.Through Innosoft application portfolio management We identify any issues quickly and provide recommendations for improvement are made on an ongoing basis to ensure effective application management and optimization that improves performance and meets business objectives.

Our experts quickly develop metrics to measure the performance based on the company’s business and technology objectives. We recommend whether applications should be modernized, re-platformed, migrated, decommissioned, consolidated or replaced.Our approach is scalable for small, medium, large and massive portfolios, and flexible to meet different industries and markets.We provide Transparency to ensure accountability and to support required audits. Our process simplifies and streamlines the information collection, analysis and reporting.

Some of the key services that we provide include review and assessments of risks that that threaten portfolio sustainability, Development of relevant metrics, Reducing overall application operating costs,ongoing governance and project management.Our expertise, methodology and tools to fast-track and deliver actionable recommendations with projected tangible benefits helps us to deliver expected results to our clients.

Legacy Application Modernization

Innosoft understands the need for organizations to make the most of their legacy systems while taking advantage of newer technologies. Through legacy application modernization services, we work with clients to transform, rather than replace, their existing applications to reduce their cost of ownership and fulfill their strategic objectives.

While companies are under pressure to increase competitiveness and governments to improve service delivery through newer technologies, most are not in a position to abandon their existing legacy applications. Legacy applications are essential to their operations and represent millions of dollars in investment. At the same time, however, legacy applications are costly to maintain and often lack the flexibility to meet changing market demands.

Innosoft offers re-engineering services to legacy software systems to State-of-the-art IT solutions. We preserve the established business rules and practices coded in the legacy systems and leverage your investments in the legacy, as well as move out of proprietary and outdated technologies.Innosoft extensive experience and tool-based processes can engineer the applications and help organizations to reach their objectives efficiently and effectively. Our extensive experience in technical and business domains and project execution, help formulate re-engineering strategies and deliver solutions that let our customers achieve their business objectives.

Our end-to-end Re-Engineering process includes

  • System assessment
  • Redevelopment
  • Restructuring
  • Monosourcing
  • Interface reengineering
  • System documentation
  • Incremental re-engineering

Innosoft provides new development without the cost and risk of replacing Customer legacy systems. Our processes reduces mainframe platform costs, Preservation of legacy business rules,enhance use and value of existing legacy assets, leverage new technologies without starting from scratch, improved performance and reliability.

Application Migration Services

If your business demands technology challenges, Innosoft migrate Applications or Databases from one environment to another to improve operational efficiency or to manage the risk. We can reduce the risks by migrating away from an environment that has scarcity of skilled personnel and vendor support issues. Innosoft ensures that customer applications get a new lease on life at a cost much lower than re-engineering. Innosoft Migrates applications to newer technologies to give customer business a leading edge while preserving original business objectives, model and investment.

The advantage of migration as opposed to, re-engineering is that it leverages the current business model and the features of the application and can be done in a cost-effective manner.Innosoft provides migration services that cater to varied platforms. We bring in our tools and expertise to make a smooth transition. Our application migration services experts work closely with clients to recommend the optimal technologies that will drive their business success and provide a clear roadmap for seamless migration.

Our Migration Services include:

  • Target environment selection (Database and Data servers)
  • Capacity planning
  • Strategy definition
  • Strategy deployment
  • Implementation support

Innosoft migration services benefits include seamless migration with minimal business disruption, increased productivity, overall cost reduction, enhanced system stability, performance and adaptability and increased security.

Agile Development

Innosoft delivers agile software solutions that meet mission and business needs while reducing time, cost and risk. Agile is at our core, We deliver solutions rapidly and in a modular fashion, allowing us to adapt to changing missions, priorities, and agency requirements.Innosoft employs Agile processes that show scalable results quickly, adapt to user needs, and deliver secure solutions on-time and within budget.By employing agile software development methodologies, we ensure that every project benefits from repeatable, effective and efficient practices.

Our efforts are based on Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI-DEV) Level 3 processes, which ensure that we develop quality products and services that meet the needs of customers. We emphasize collaboration with developers, managers and end users to produce deliverables in short increments within tight deadlines—often measured in weeks rather than months. This approach reduces risk by identifying and cost-effectively correcting problems in the early stages of development.

Our Agile methodology promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, and a time-boxed iterative approach that Scrums, while encouraging rapid and flexible response to change. It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle.

Our development methodology evolves to provide a framework to support the mission, and is constantly re-evaluated through retrospective lessons-learned meetings to incorporate efficiencies. The team continuously refines to ensure the work is done as it reevaluates processes and incorporates lessons learned.

Innosoft is your end-to-end partner in digital transformation. We follow the same proven formula on every engagement: the right people, the right processes and the right tools. Through partnerships in both the government and commercial markets, we’ve become experts at tailoring Best partices and methodologies to meet the unique objectives of our Clients. For additional questions, Please contact us.

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