Enterprises are demanding increased levels of flexibility and speed as they seek to expand the benefits of technology on their bottom line. To meet this demand, Innosoft shatters traditional service delivery models by providing solutions focused on unlocking value and agility. We connect the qualified people and maximize resources in new ways. Our seasoned consulting professionals leading the project teams supported by disciplined processes and Innovative tools manages both delivery and quality.

We offer a broad range of services across the full spectrum of enterprise IT. Select the practice areas to learn more about our work.

Today’s government agencies rely on responsive, reliable and secure access to their networks, infrastructure and applications in order to meet critical mission needs. Innosoft provides operation-proven IT Development/modernization and sustainment services that focus on innovation, performance and affordability.

We help our customers get the most from their investment in technology by modernizing IT infrastructure to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership. We implement the latest technologies, such as Cloud, DevOps and mobility solutions, to deliver information anytime, anywhere. By extending the lifetime of systems without compromising safety, quality or capability. In short, we work with our customers to leverage their IT resources so that they can better handle ever-evolving mission requirements.

Application Integration

As an experienced, knowledgeable technology partner Innosoft performs effective integration of applications to support a business process and achieve business results, whether to improve customer service, bringing quickly to market, achieve greater efficiency, or reduce costs. We understand the impact of change for your business processes and supporting applications. Our integration tools and technologies are unmatched and we have alliance with best-in-class integration software vendors.

Innosoft helps Customers to maximize their investments by reducing future system integration costs, reducing system architecture complexity, reduced corporate costs, increasing implementation speed for new systems, supporting business priority tasks up front.

Our integration services include

  • Utilizing reusable fast and flexible integration frameworks and adapters for SOA
  • connect , integrate and securely manage cloud base applications and data
  • Integrate devices , data and applications

Business Intelligence

While searching for the right information to make informed decisions, the Business Intelligence world can be an overwhelming and confusing with myriad of data, technologies and methodologies. We transform data to find hidden knowledge. We help our customers to unlock the full potential of their data. Our solutions are matured and effectively provide reliable information from the terabytes of data that is often disparate and incompatible.

Innosoft has expert staff to help develop a vision, strategy, architecture, and a tactical plan to achieve an organization’s mission based on leveraging your most important asset – information. Our expertise in tool utilization is a critical success factor to providing you with rapid and easy access to actionable information. We have the skill base and experience to solve your business intelligence challenges by offering our agility, adaptability and mature processes to create a polished and effective data ecosystem. Innosoft will transform the undecipherable data into your formula for success.

Our comprehensive expertise of using right tools to your data provides rapid and easy access to actionable data. Innosoft has comprehensive experience and knowledge in implementing enterprise wide BI and data analysis solutions. We understand the data and apply the right tools to deliver the excellence needed.

Our services include

  • BI and ETL development
  • Tools administration
  • Training and user enablement
  • Operations and Maintenance

Enterprise Architecture

Innosoft offers a full range of enterprise architecture services, from strategy through final implementation. Innosoft helps customers align their business strategy to the appropriate enterprise architecture by identifying key business drivers and translates them to a technology blueprint. As required by the customer, Innosoft expands the strategic plan to include data and application architectures as well. After defining requirements, Innosoft maps them to various technical specifications and organizational models to develop a strategic vision for the enterprise. As part of tehnical strategy Innosoft identifies the current and likely future requirements for the enterprise architecture based on the technical and organizational issues that needs be addressed, enhancements to be supported and performance to be achieved. Later, Innosoft translates the enterprise architecture strategy into technical design requirements. We compare the values of established versus emerging technologies, and adjust them for technical and market risks. The proposed architecture is usually presented as both a conceptual and physical model that optimizes performance. We measure the performance based on investment expense, operating cost, system availability, and the degree to which the enterprise architecture can support both existing business strategy and be adapted to sustain emerging trends.

Innosoft conducts risk management activities that include a comprehensive analysis of capacity, performance levels, and contingency and security plans. We then use these assessments to identify various technical and organizational issues, rank those issues, and propose mitigation strategies. We support implementation engagements from providing expert advice to customer throughout implementation, and detailed migration and roll-out strategies as needed.

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

Innosoft offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) services implement, integrate and manage popular ERP packages from Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.Innosoft ERP practice area include application, data and technical support services to the clients with the experience and expertise needed to design, develop, deploy, maintain and modernize Oracle ( Example: e-business suite), SAP, Dynamics, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards solutions. Innosoft helps our customers to manage their resources more effectively.

Some of the services that we provide include

  • Evaluate and Identificaton of need for EPR system.
  • Building roadmap for Successful ERP implmentation
  • Implementing EPR Suite, Databases, development tools, application server and BI tools
  • Application upgrades and modernization activities
  • Technical support for Database and applicaiton monitoring

Mobile Computing

Innosoft is helping our customers extend the reach of mission-critical data with cost-effective, highly secure mobile solutions. We have experience of developing customized mobile applications. Innosoft engineers provide mobile solutions that deliver the exact information and tools that users need to perform their duties efficiently. Innosoft staff provides secure, on-demand access from remote locations to improve agility, responsiveness and effectiveness.

Innosoft is your end-to-end partner in digital transformation. We follow the same proven formula on every engagement: the right people, the right processes and the right tools. Through partnerships in both the government and commercial markets, we’ve become experts at tailoring Best partices and methodologies to meet the unique objectives of our Clients. For additional questions, Please contact us.

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