When a health insurance company began rapidly expanding its client base, they found that its operational database and data warehouse were not sufficient for the millions of clients they had grown to serve. The company laid out a new Business Intelligence (BI) strategy, but found the task was too much for its limited IT staff. The extract, transform, load (ETL) process was particularly difficult because the company could not find the resources it needed for the immense task. After spending millions of dollars, the previous year on a large BI initiative utilizing traditional staffing firms, the company was still unable to find the right resources to get the project done.


Innosoft partnered with the client to help get this critical initiative back on track, based on our specialization in data warehousing and ability to leverage some of the top BI consultants in the country. 

Innosoft engaged its senior leadership with the client’s project leaders to assess the implementation strategy and where Innosoft might best be able to add value. After evaluating the BI strategy and hiring process, Innosoft found the company was losing the best talent in the market because the hiring process had several bottlenecks. Innosoft practice leaders consulted to integrate end-to-end efficiencies into the process by:

  • Adding video interviews to save time for candidates and hiring managers.
  • Expediting the interview process by hosting and engaging the Innosoft, which leverages foreign-born workers. 
  • Managing the completion of the resource deployments once incremental project phases were completed.


Innosoft made strategic recommendations and helped improve the competitiveness and agility of the hiring process; Innosoft placed 17 ETL professionals with the company in a matter of days. Innosoft saved the company valuable time and money by offering “on demand” resources and putting the project back on track and on budget. The firm was so impressed with Innosoft ability to provide superior resources, they asked for help on the next phase of their BI strategy, which involved upgrading its BI software tools. Innosoft is a key partner for further projects, a relationship that is sure to grow along with the company.