One of the long-standing clients is an essential service provider in the health industry. This service recognized the increasing need of proper access management systems and provide secure identity control within their networks. To ensure safety and secure usage, they needed to provide a single repository for external IT system users. To setup up an efficient access system, they needed to desegregate their old IT systems and propose a single username for a user. A single user, who may have several business accounts (Healthcare professional and employer for example), will have only one username to access the portal. At the same time, they wanted to implement Single-Sign-On (SSO) for their users so they could have a centralize and facilitate access to it e-services. They also needed to facilitate access to e-services for users with multiple accounts.


Our expert team provided Identity Management to implement unique username and SSO authentication so that users off the internal network can also access the administration services provided online securely. Also, a Sign-in & go global SSO with strong adaptive and advanced authentication systems were implemented.


The users of our clients were treated with better and more ergonomically suited user convenience online services. The identities of healthcare workers and professional as well as other business professionals were centralized in a single repository managed by our Identity management solution. Alongside this, our solution simplifies the user authentication by using SSO web mechanisms. A single pair of usernames, password combination allows users to access all the e-services based upon the access levels provided to their business profiles. Beyond that, enhanced security for critical and sensitive e-services were provided by setting up two- factor authentication system utilizing OTP (One Time Password). This method has proven its merits for quite a while in the banking industry where data privacy is paramount importance.