Innosoft introduced the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to in November 2020 after we were awarded the Medicaid Scorecard contract. Utilizing Jira and Confluence, we transformed and integrated multiple Scrum teams using an enterprise approach to User Story creation, Resource assignment, Solutions Design and Development, Testing, and Implementation following industry best practices and Release Train engineering. The Scrum teams constitute the full value stack in each team, whereas each Scrum team performs independently as a functional unit. These teams are scaled up or scaled down depending upon the scope of work in each Sprint. All the teams in the Release Train develop in the same cadence, which consists of multiple work iterations and an integrated Release after demonstrations to CORs and Business Owners are accepted and scheduled in Releases for deployment. Benefits to our customer include all Sprints being on the same cadence which increases quality because we are only performing integration releases on a stable, well tested environment at regularly scheduled intervals. Our Release Train expertise provides CMS with continuous collaboration and transparency on their expectation for deliverables.

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