We were tasked to streamline and improve our client’s process for data collection, access, analysis, and interactive visualization. Without a modernized platform, the existing process would continue to result in inconsistent and unreliable data, further impeding our client’s ability to analyze health care data properly. The scope included the development and integration of an executive dashboard for our client to track high level strategic goals.


Our Data Analytics team provided a solution for integrating several data sources and delivering a dashboard interface, which included the following components:

  • Agile approach to scale architectural and reporting solution
  • Robust data pipelines in Azure Data Factory with metadata management and flexible schema changes
  • Snowflake data architecture and modeling
  • Power BI interactive visualizations for both executive reporting and self-service analytics
  • Pyramid-driven data analysis approach, which organizes discrete analytics needs by data granularity, user audience and access pattern


The new interface is simplified and streamlined for data collection, integration, and the tracking of key performance metrics. The new platform enabled our client to be more productive with improved data access, consistency/reliability, and integration, which resulted in better business collaboration, analysis, and data discussions critical to their company goals.