client began looking for a more robust and integrated security solution when it became clear that sophisticated malware was increasingly targeting healthcare organizations. The medical center was using a combination of well-respected products for traditional firewall, anti-virus, and web filtering. They have recently purchased several smaller practices, all of which must be brought into the medical center’s secure infrastructure. Client goal is to onboard new acquisitions as soon as possible and have our Network Security team examine all network traffic to eliminate external points of failure.


Innosoft installed Network Security to uncover and block both known and unknown incoming threats, including attacks that evade traditional signature and policy-based defenses. Knowing that the medical center can turn to Innosoft whenever client team needs has given them peace of mind.


They appreciate the comprehensive nature of the protection provided by Innosoft; client commented, the ability to find zero-day attacks, and threats exploiting vulnerabilities that their application software vendors didn’t even know existed, has more than proved they made the right decision to reach out to Innosoft. 

Network Security pays for itself both in terms of security and time management. In terms of effort, it runs in the background 24/7, and when we do get actionable intelligence, we pay attention. They no longer must chase false positives.