Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is the standards framework that combines features from Health Level Seven International’s (HL7) V2 with the latest web standards.

FHIR offers a wide variety of benefits including:

  1. Interoperability of Patient’s Administrative & Clinical Data between Payers and Providers
  2. Enables Patients to take control over their Medical Data
  3. Helps Researchers to identify and detect diseases early


             Standardization of Patient data helps in the portability of the said information across providers. This helps the Patients to easily move across various providers and Health Plans without undergoing already performed tests. These medical procedures are usually time consuming, costly, and medically unnecessary. Interoperability, using FHIR APIs, helps in eliminating the above said tests.

Quicker Disease Identification & Prevention:

Researchers utilize the Previous health data (both clinical and administrative) to model the likelihood of an individual contracting a disease. These Artificial Intelligence based Machine Learning models helps in predicting the early diagnosis of various forms of diseases. They in turn helps the care management team to target the high-risk individuals and provide much needed care.

 FHIR in Innosoft Labs:

Innosoft works with CMS in various projects that deals with the Patient data. Using the knowledge acquired through these projects, Innosoft has developed a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) interface over existing healthcare applications and data. This API Interface facilitates the transferal of health data between providers; irrespective of the software systems, data standards, exchange interfaces, and outputs involved. The solution is deployed in the Innosoft Labs, and the below architecture diagram gives an overview of the implemented solution.

Implemented Architecture
Deployed Lambda functions to reply to API request
API Gateway
Calling the Deployed FHIR server resources through APIs

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