Reduce Business Risks by Ensuring Confidentiality, and Security Compliance.



Managed Security Services

Real-time monitoring, proactive prevention, efficient management, prompt detection, and quick response to security incidents of various complexity


Cyber Security Consulting

Proactively identify security threats, gaps and advanced persistent threats, Configure and fine-tune SIEM Solutions.


Identity and Access Management

Establish role-based access, automation of user account lifecycle, improved data integrity and accessibility for authorized persons.


Vulnerability Assessment

Detect vulnerabilities and find weak points through automated scanning of Network, Email Service, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Desktop applications.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing of Network Service, web application security, Client-Side security, Remote access Security, Social Engineering, Physical Security.


Security Audits

Audit Security policies, procedures, monitoring tools, Version Control and user practices, Physical access control, Configuration Management.


Compliance Testing

Mitigate compliance gaps and implement missing security policies to ensure adherence to NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP, CIS, PCI-DSS, SOX Standards


Security Code Reviews

Review, Prioritize and Mitigate security issues in code encryption, buffer overflow, Cross-Site Scripting, etc.


Security services with Standardized processes and Templates

Implement proactive measures such as threat intelligence, penetration testing, continuous monitoring, real-time response.

Cloud-based security components to minimize costs.

Build centralized visibility into security, API level integration between Cloud Workload protection and underlying cloud environment.

Advanced Threat Protection

Incorporate dynamic threat intelligence feeds, select cloud security control providers with solutions informed by data collected across multiple deployed sensors.

End-to-end IT Security services

Security advisory, Solution integration, Operation and Optimization Services.

Optimized resource utilization

Pull critical data points from disparate security systems, develop effective KPIs and Metrics to make informed decisions.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards

Expertise in Cybersecurity frameworks and regulations to determine the security controls need to be implemented and consistent and effective way to alerting and dealing with threats.

Competent Security team with Certified Ethical Hackers

Expertise in hacking tools, techniques, methodologies used by hackers such as fileless malware, social engineering, Web API Threats, Webhooks, Web Shell, IoT Hacking tools Shikra, Bus Pirate, etc.

Approach to Security in an Optimal Way

Innosoft believes that Institutionalization of practices, Governance, configuration management, resources, training, and involvement by stakeholders and higher-level management is what drives this resilience. Innosoft starts with establishing security life cycle management practices for hardware and software assets. We maintain inventories and upgrade systems on time to avoid having them become unsustainable. We follow best vulnerability management practices, patch systems for vulnerabilities and include additional controls on administrative privileged accounts. Innosoft recognizes the importance of encrypting data both at rest and in Transit which allows us to mitigate unauthorized access as result of misconfiguration of a storage device, which might lead to data loss. With encryption, the loss of value of data is minimal. When the data is in Transit, access must be required at the data storage location point, application interfaces (the systems requesting data) and the transmittal across the network from the storage to the user. We counter ransomware attacks by updating incident and disaster response plans to include ransomware response options. Innosoft insists on having regular, verified, and reliable data backups for key systems and servers. We train staff and conduct disaster recovery exercises which are most important for smooth operational response. As the internet of things continue to grow, we need to ensure proper diligence in the visibility and monitoring of connected devices. we centrally log and monitor the usage and grant the access as needed to eliminate weak points within the infrastructure. While preventive measures are absolutely critical it is important to recognize the importance of a rapid response team to consider the aftermath of an attack if both technologies and strategies fail. Innosoft adheres to NIST Cybersecurity framework guidelines. To prevent data breach, we include new penetration testing platforms, Protection software to detect phishing threats and mobile device management systems. As per HIPAA regulations, we Identify and respond to suspected or known security incidents and mitigate, to the extent practicable, harmful effects of security incidents that are known and document security incidents and their outcomes.

Protect your data in the Public Cloud.

Digital transformation is driving enterprise data growth at unprecedented rates. 90 percent of the world’s data was produced in the prior two years. The future of the database is the cloud. Gartner projects that 75% of all databases will live on a cloud platform by 2023. All big data leaks emanating from data stored in the cloud, not the endpoints. Public cloud provider is responsible for security of the cloud, and the customer is responsible for security in the cloud. With Cloud dissolving perimeters, everything being software, shared responsibility, cloud activity being more session based, elastic and always changing now the emphasis is more on data, applications, identity. An enterprise’s data is its most significant intangible asset, deriving value in part from its data maintained. It is important to know, where is your data and where it is flowing. In the beginning we had to secure only the corporate perimeter, later with cloud we secured our IT Assets. With bring your own device and remote work options it has become prevalent that we must secure the data itself. Data owners, dev teams and CISOs need to put more focus on cloud data security. 

To that effect Innosoft recognizes the need to discover and classify all the data, continuously monitoring what’s going on in the cloud environment and how the data security posture drifts can help avoid or at least inhibit the effect of data breaches and leaks. As the enterprises create more and more data, it is important to classify regulated data, sensitive data, data with no value and unneeded apps etc.  We recommend adding a control layer to move/back up, dispose, manage access, encrypt, quarantine, redact data helps to protect and lower the risk of data loss.  Innosoft believes that adequate planning and investment throughout the cloud security stack including data layer can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach. We recommend moving to a mature cloud native security culture such as AWS, Azure, Google, etc. that enables growth and agility through the safe adoption of modern development methodology.  

We automate security into development pipelines and empower developers and users to increases efficiency by shorten feedback loops also address issues and decreases overall risk. We baseline the environment and set policies that can be enforced to mitigate the technical, business and legal risks.  We locate all the data stores continuously, where it is processed, where it is stored, what type of data sit in which data stores, particularly sensitive data. We monitor for policy violations and know about them immediately. We spot accidents earlier with policy violation alerts that help to prevent incidents. We apply alerts to group of accounts and forward alerts to 3rd party tools such as Splunk, Jira, PagerDuty, etcWe review logs and asset details to get deeper into access permissions and data flows to monitor and remediate data security mis-configs and exposures. We operationalize the response and remediate to close gaps before the leak happens and refine security plans and policies on-going basis.