IT Application Services

Automate, Innovate and Grow with Future-Proof Application Services



Application Development

Design reliable and efficient enterprise applications and help business processes to stay fast and smooth, using latest technologies and languages.


Application Monitoring and performance management

Excel in maintaining the right performance of the applications by monitoring activities, proactive diagnosis, and fixing evolving slowdowns and failures before they get detected by end users.


Application Integration

Assist with defining clear integration goals, make up a robust integration strategy and ensure its orderly implementation.


Application maintenance and support

Provide essential and advanced support and maintenance for applications of different purposes and industries to prevent critical situations and resolve identified issues.


Application Modernization

Analyze legacy application code and infrastructure, provide detailed guidance on the improvements to modernize your outdated applications


Improved management and data sharing

Application integration increases interoperability between the multiple departments of the organization.

Improved Business Agility

Overcome business limitations by modernizing legacy software to the cloud by rolling out microservices and containerization that gives organizations ability to add new features and functionality.

Improved user experience

Constant maintenance and support provide quality, on-time updates and patches to the application increasing customer satisfaction and experience.

Increased performance

Reduce maintenance costs and intervals by synchronizing design, development and testing efforts and increase performance and revenue streams by improving the availability of critical applications.

Decreased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Depending on the current business needs and IT strategy, we suggest application re-architecting, migration, upgrade, the introduction of the Continuous Delivery pipeline, and make value engineering recommendations and offer possible options of operational cost savings.


An application integration is generally carried out through APIs which is a set of rules and functions that lets the user interact with the parts of an application. We use Web APIs that are used to make connectors for an application in XML or JSON which can be easily accessed by the developers. These
APIs enable our team to develop pre-built connectors for the applications (ERPs, CRMs, etc.) which can be deployed with a plug and play model. This saves times in comparison to creating in-house integration solutions and enhances an enterprise’ scalability. With this effective strategy, we can easily deploy new applications and quickly connect them with the existing ones.

Aim for End-to-End Monitoring to mitigate performance issues

Our experienced development team ensures that application’s performance and user experience are constantly monitored and optimized. We check for any inefficient code, obsolete third-party plug-ins, server errors, unoptimized images and CSS animations, network latency, and many other issues that affect app performance and security. Sometimes, it is challenging to determine whether it is a coding error or an infrastructure issue that is causing website to slowdown. For effective application monitoring, we adopt modern APM tools offering observability into complex

microservices-based containerized applications. With these tools, our DevOps teams can monitor their servers and hybrid infrastructure with numerous metrics, trace distributed transactions and exceptions, and drill down to find the root cause of log issues 

Scheduling Application Maintenance appropriately for increased user engagement

Our team ensures that the scheduled maintenance windows are done regularly with the user base. We set maintenance windows ahead of time which is crucial to users so they can plan ahead for any critical work that must be delivered. When the users are aware that a maintenance period is upcoming, they can plan to finish or save their work appropriately which will significantly improve the user experience. Our Team ensures that these maintenance windows are regular and predictable for the foreseeable future and informed to all users.