Modern Slavery Statement


Innosoft is committed to enforcing a workforce and supply chain free of human trafficking and all forms of forced labor and unlawful labor. We have a zero-tolerance policy surrounding modern slavery, which encompasses human trafficking, servitude, and forced labor. This policy is consistent with our core values and supports our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and all U.S. Government regulations regarding slavery, forced labor, and trafficking in persons. In compliance with these laws, Innosoft employees are trained and annually acknowledge they will uphold our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.


In compliance with Innosoft’s Policy Against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery and, by extension, the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Corporate Quality Assurance representatives perform independent reviews and/or audits to ensure procurement process compliance with U.S. Federal regulations. Our U.S. Federal vendors annually certify their compliance with the Supplier Representations and Certifications document, which includes compliance with laws on human trafficking and slavery in the country or countries in which the vendors do business. The Combating Trafficking in Persons clauses in U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.222-50 are incorporated into Innosoft subcontracts, as required, when doing business on behalf of U.S. Federal customers. 

In 2021, Innosoft will update our Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions and agreement templates to incorporate anti-human trafficking language for all subcontracts awarded in support of U.S. Federal work.


Innosoft has established a formal policy that enables and encourages all employees to report any concerns, any violations, or potential violations of this policy, without fear of retaliation, to the employee’s supervisor, another member of management, Innosoft Security, or to Human Resources.

Innosoft follows the Investigative Procedures found within the Employee Handbook located on Innosoft’s intranet website. Once a complaint is received, Innosoft will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation. The investigation may include interviews with all involved employees and any employees who are aware of facts or incidents alleged to have occurred. Once the investigation is completed, a determination will be made regarding the validity of the allegations. If it is determined that a violation has occurred; prompt, remedial action will be taken.

Violations by employees will result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment. In addition, Innosoft may terminate its commercial relationship with suppliers, contractors and other business partners if they breach this policy and/or are found to have been involved in slavery or human trafficking.


All employees will submit annual certifications stating that they understand, will comply with, and have complied with Innosoft’s Policy Against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery. Copies of all signed certifications will be maintained by the Human Resources Department.