The Innosoft team has leveraged our Inspired Innovation to drive the development of products that support our DevOps and Cloud Engineering practices.  These products are developed within Innosoft Labs, and offered to magnify our development capabilities, and ultimately bring increased value to our customers. 

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Given a URL, InnoCompare takes a snapshot of a web application at that URL, including specific sub-page URLS, and stores the snapshot within a cloud repository.  On demand, the software automatically compares two snapshots to generate a report describing the differences, with screenshots.  The software is used to ensure that software releases have successfully updated the web application.


  • Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS), provides functionality and solution without internal hosting costs 
  • Installed within your data center or hosted within the Innosoft Cloud Enclave 
  • Provides comparison of API output before and after release 
  • Comparisons can be made between any snapshots, allowing a definition of changes across both releases and Product Increments. 
  • The solution accesses your public website, so no on-site code or infrastructure is required.