Innosoft provides software development and digital services that embrace innovation and enable organizations to operate, innovate and scale business, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, top talent and cross-industry expertise. We lead the digital transformation of our clients through custom software development services and agile methodologies. Our services have been addressing the needs of industries such as healthcare, financial services, insurance, telecom, retail, transportation, manufacturing, and all levels of the government for more than 20 years. Our key business objectives are:

MODERNIZE —Build software that transforms business

The journey to business transformation requires an understanding of what digital transformation and legacy IT modernization means to the organization.

We work with our Customers to develop a comprehensive evaluation of software development strategy and software architecture to help build the solution together. We help create, modernize, and reinvent Customer line of business applications to not only meet the business objectives but surpass them. Whether building customer-facing web and mobile applications, migrating critical business systems to the cloud, optimizing user experience to improve adoption and minimize churn, Innosoft’s software development services help to bring vision and ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

EXPAND —Scale software development on demand to increase business agility

The start of a development project is associated with a number of unknowns such as scope, roles and technology expertise required to complete it. With Innosoft’s dedicated software development team that is proficient in making assumptions on the competence and skills needed, Customers gain access to a resource pool that helps to reduce uncertainty by enabling to scale the project on-demand and have granular visibility into timelines and cost management.

Our high-performance team of experts can help reduce the number of elements that bring uncertainly into the project. We will take minimal time to integrate into the processes to start delivering value and help respond to market changes and customer demands without losing momentum or vision. Our goal is to understand theCustomer business challenges and help solve them without accruing further recruitment and infrastructure costs. Employing Innosoft’s team is a smart investment that gives our Customers quick access to new technologies and specific domain expertise.

SUSTAIN —Consultation and support for your core business IT services

Our team of technologists is available to consult and support our Customer Organizations in keeping up with modern technology by applying sustainable value through continuous upgrade and improvement of systems and applications.

From adopting automation technologies and creating self-managed IT environments to implementing autoscaling solutions that can lower costs and guarantee uptime, we have the experience and expertise to handle the IT services needs with understanding and professionalism. Powered by the principles of Agile, DevOps and Continuous integration and delivery, our team’s approach to design, deployment and monitoring the entire IT ecosystem helps reduce operational costs, enhance security and standards-compliance, and enables to reallocate valuable resources to strategic business initiatives.

Our customized, SLA-based and quality metrics driven services provide transparency and in-depth insight into how we work. We maintain constant communication and seek feedback and approval on every step of the way.

We work in partnership with our Customers to deliver creative, innovative, and flexible solutions that are robust, secure, efficient, dependable, and to specification. Please refer to our Service Areas for our unique approaches to implementing them.