Experienced Personnel delivering ultimate outcomes without hiring hassles



Exceptional Technology Solutions

Talented Sr. Engineers with 15+ years of Experience without Hiring Hassles in legacy, core, and emerging technologies. Supporting multiple State agencies with 96% Customer Retention Rates.


Surge Support Services

Expert autonomous team capable of rapid and efficient delivery of innovative, scalable, and competitive results.


Structured staffing

Work closely with Clients to discover needs, Technical skills, Rates, Timelines with a streamlined business processes (pre-screening, background checks, legal compliance) to quickly on-board resources.


Effective Service Delivery

A Service delivery Strategy that maintains ongoing quality of services


High quality resources

Flexible Pool of High-quality resources to augment Staff across a large variety of Knowledge, Experience and Geographic areas.


Long-term augmentation

Developers and other experts for a continuous collaboration within a software development project.


Streamlined on-boarding

CMMI ML3 SVC Certified Policies, Processes, Procedures with Streamlined on-boarding, time Keeping and Payroll processes.


Efficient Staff Management

Streamlined Management and tracking systems with Commitment to meet customer needs at the lowest possible cost, monitor and manage work assignments and keep resources current in their skills.


Short-term augmentation

Developers and experts for a limited scope of work such as urgent needs or complex one-time tasks requiring narrow tech knowledge.


No infrastructure investment

Employees use Innosoft equipment, Enterprise Project management portal, Process Asset libraries, Knowledge management systems and Customers can focus on deliverables rather than Infrastructure for employees.

Reduced time spent on Recruitment.

Our qualified candidates with direct experience suiting to requirements save time and reduces recruitment burden.

No Geographical limitations

Access to resources from different geographical areas

Multi-time zone work in favor of Deadlines

Our resources work from different time zones and they can accomplish continuation of tasks without holding it for next day.

Reduced Employee Burden

Decrease your operational costs by a significant degree for equipment, Employer taxes, Insurance etc.

Flexible cost-management with Changing needs

Customers can start and stop services as per the changing requirements and no money wasted on resource idle times.

Access to Specialized Skilled resources

Centers of excellence specifically designed to produce resources with experience in the field to produce necessary Artifacts and tools that enable teams to consistently deliver the highest quality services.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Our commitment to effective Project status tracking and lowest costs results in reduced administrative overhead.

Tap the value with our Centers of Excellence.

The Innosoft Centers of Excellences (CoEs) are all about delivering high quality services and results for our clients. The CoEs align with our areas of program expertise and consulting services. Within each CoE, our program and technology experts combine research and experience in the field to produce necessary artifacts and tools that enable our project teams to consistently deliver the highest quality services to our clients. When you select Innosoft you’re tapping into the value of specialized IT expertise, experience and process assets in each service area of CoE.

Our proprietary Enterprise Process Asset Library Suite contains Organizational process assets, knowledge, methods, and tools built from Innosoft’s real-world experience and industry research. All our employees are trained and have access to up-to-date library of high-quality artifacts resides in a cloud-based environment, allowing every Innosoft employee to have instant access to the accumulated knowledge and experience of our organization. Innosoft EPAL Suite contains over1,000 high-quality artifacts for each CoE including guides, program overviews, at-a-glance industry research and white papers, baseline system requirements, sample work products, training materials, and many other artifacts that maximize the quality of Innosoft’s services and the productivity of our project teams.

Our commitment to highest quality at lowest Possible Costs

Innosoft Enterprise Project Management suite contains high-value tools to deploy across all Innosoft projects. We integrated tools to maximize the quality of Innosoft’s services and the productivity of our teams. Our tools incorporate accumulated knowledge and experience on similar projects executed for various Federal and State customers enhanced by our own research.  Innosoft streamlined project management and Project tracking systems ensure lower development costs, less recruitment headache, lower operational costs, less legal headache, access to rare and needed specialists, increased output and team size with lower costs, flexibility with changing needs, Protection of intellectual property through signed NDAs and a Transparent Profit/Fee structure. These are just some of the key advantages you will benefit from using Innosoft IT staff augmentation services. Get in touch with our Innosoft Delivery Manager and receive a free consultation!